A Pirate's Revenge

Composed by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Nathan Langford
Grade: 3 (out of 4)

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In the mid 1600's, a ship from the British Navy docks on an island in the Caribbean; the commanders of the ship tell all island inhabitants the island is now the King's territory, and they have one day to leave or be killed. A man is forced to flee for his life as his home, family and everything he knows is destroyed. He turns to a life of piracy with only one purpose...revenge.

1. A Pirate's Tale
As our subject tells his tale, the dark, ominous music and sound effects immediately brings the audience to the edge of their seats, as images of ships and the sea come to life.

2. Find the British
This man will stop at nothing to exact his revenge on those who destroyed his life. Fast moving tempos and driving rhythms make the chase come to life.

3. Closing In
As night falls, the pirates plan their attack as they close in on the British ship.

4. A Pirate's Revenge
The pirates fearlessly battle the British Navy, knowing it may be their last battle. 

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Click to request sample score for this show.


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