All Aspects Warm Up Packet for Full Band
 Composed by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Dave Britton

Allow Standing 'O' to relieve you of the valuable time and energy taken to create an all around warm up packet for full band, including all winds and percussion. With over 15 exercises included, this warm up is a quick, efficient and effective solution to give your students the warm up they need, and has been an instant success with numerous schools already. This packet includes warm up in areas such as:
1. Long Tones
2. Slurring
3. Scales
4. Tonguing
5. Chromatics
6. Dynamics
7. Chords
 *In most exercises, brass and woodwinds play different lines to allow them the best instrument specific warm up. For example, brass will play lip slurs while woodwinds work on their scales.

This packet is designed to be used as a section-specific warm up, or with the full band together. With this packet, you can take the brass, woodwinds or percussion to warm up by themselves, or have all sections play together. Contact us for pricing, and have your packet within days!

Click to request sample score for this show.

Click to request sample score for this show.


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