Andromeda and Perseus

Composed by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Maverick Peterson
Grade: 2.5-3 (out of 4)

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One of the most well known stories in Greek Mythology, "Andromeda and Perseus" takes the audience on a death-defying journey as Perseus must battle Medusa and defeat "The Kraken" to save the love of his life, Andromeda. This show is perfect for smaller band instrumentation where effective, but more achievable music is needed.

1. Release the Kraken
The Kraken is one of the most terrifying monsters in all of mythology. Living in the depths of the sea, the Kraken is summoned by Poseidon, God of the ocean, to wreak havoc on the city. Driving, syncopated rhythms keep the production moving as the Kraken races towards Greece. Andromeda is chosen to be sacrificed to the Kraken in order to save the city, and only Perseus can stop the evil beast.

2. Medusa
Perseus must go into Medusa's lair and defeat her without looking her in the eye, if he does he will turn to stone. Section features, driving 8th note based rhythms and powerful minor tonalities are used to simulate one of the most epic battles in mythology, concluding with Perseus cutting off Medusa's head to use against the Kraken.

3. Saving Andromeda
Perseus flies on the Pegasus to Greece, arriving just in time to use Medusa's head against the Kraken and turn it to stone, saving Andromeda, and the city.

This show was originally commissioned for Sobrato High School in Morgan Hill, CA.

Regional exclusivity and performance rights included.

*Individual movements from this show, as well as any other individual movement from another show on our site, may be purchased by themselves or mixed and matched with others to make your show.


Click to request sample score for this show.

Click to request sample score for this show.


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