Atlas Shrugged

Composed by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Maverick Peterson
Grade: 3-3.5 (out of 4)

Atlas Not New.001.jpeg

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At times, we feel like we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. We work tirelessly, monotonously, day in and day out, to survive and support ourselves. Yet, we all have the inner desire to lift the weight, to let go and live a life of pleasure and fulfillment, without the stress and obligation. "Atlas Shrugged" explores our inner desire for happiness, one we can surely all relate to.

1. Weight of the World
The show begins with the sound of the working man, a single hammer striking in the distance. Dark, thick chords move through the ensemble, making way for an exposed, beautiful horn solo. The first big GE moment of the show comes to life as the massive weight of the world is felt during the impact.

2. Longing to Live
The second movement takes off at a brisk tempo, the tension and anger of wanting to break free from our chains can be felt with the opening woodwind feature. Brass then takes over as percussion is utilized for transitions. The ensemble builds to the next big impact, ending with dark, intense rhythmic hits. The horn soloist then reappears with a lyrical solo and is joined by a small brass ensemble, as the rest of the winds and front ensemble layers in. Thick, lush chords move throughout the band, ending with a gorgeous impact with sustained color chords.

3. Atlas Shrugged
The final movement begins with a fast moving percussion feature, as we grow the courage to break free of the chains that bind us. The winds layer in, building to the final impact of the show, when we finally drop the weight of the world and break free of our chains. The show then comes full circle as the "working man's melody" from the beginning of the show is heard in the front ensemble. One lone band member, still in their chains, walks to the world and picks it up.

This show was commissioned as a WGI Winds show for Newnan High School in Newnan GA, and was transitioned to a full outdoor show for the 2016 season.

Regional exclusivity and performance rights included.

*Individual movements from this show, as well as any other individual movement from another show on our site, may be purchased by themselves or mixed and matched with others to make your show.


Click to request sample score for this show.

Click to request sample score for this show.



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