New for 2019

Composed and Arranged by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Trent Gronewold and Eric Shriver
Grade: 3 - 3.5 (out of 4)

Dragons New for 2019.001.jpeg

*We can easily change the title, instrumentation or level of difficulty to fit your needs!

The dragon appears as a creature of legend in almost every culture. With the exception of "Taking Flight," (based on music from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon,") this show explores these myths and their meaning through original music.

1. The Awakening
The performance begins with a voice echoing in the distance, and a backfield build which leads into an Earth-shaking impact. The rest of the production uses ancient Celtic themed melodies and powerful, rhythmic impacts to express the Dragon's fearsome presence.

2. Taking Flight
In this movement, we explore the beauty and awe of the Dragon. A beautiful French horn solo, accompanied by a small brass group, start this production. The melody is then expanded to the full band, building into a gorgeous impact in 3/4. 

3. Dragon Fire
Fast, driving tempos and dark features set the stage as the Dragon's fire wreaks havoc upon the Earth.

4. Between the Earth and Sky
The Dragons fly to their own world as the smoke clears, recapping melodies from throughout the show.

Regional exclusivity and performance rights included*.
*With the exception of "Romantic Flight," from "How To Train Your Dragon," for which rights must be paid.

*Individual movements from this show, as well as any other individual movement from another show on our site, may be purchased by themselves or mixed and matched with others to make your show.


Click to request sample score for this show.

Click to request sample score for this show.



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