New for 2019
Sweet Dreams

Composed and Arranged by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Jackson Lai and Allen Makishima
Grade: 3.5 - 4 (out of 4)

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*We can easily change the title, instrumentation or level of difficulty to fit your needs!

"Sweet Dreams" is a show that explores the line between reality and dreams. Utilizing the main theme from "Sweet Dreams" by Eurythmics, this production, composed of mostly original music, will leave lasting impression on the crowd long after the show is over.

1. Night Terrors
The show begins as we drift into the first stages of sleep, when reality and dreams shift seamlessly into one another. A flute solo in the distance echoes the main melody of the song, and a reoccurring theme of the show. As the winds enter on articulative patterns, we build tension into a dramatic and intense opening impact. The rest of the opening production includes multi meter, syncopated chromatic passages, percussion transitions and an ending that is sure to bring the audience to the edge of their seats.

2. Lucid Dreams
Am I dreaming? Am I awake? The echoing solos of a flute and alto saxophone, in response with front ensemble mallets, make it hard to tell. As this movement continues, we build to a beautiful, lush major impact, with running lines in the pit to provide contrast. 

3. Awakening
As the night draws to an end, we realize not only can we accomplish our wildest dreams while sleeping, we can do the same while awake. A triumphant, powerful ending recaps the "Sweet Dreams" melody, and is sure to bring the crowd to their feet!

Regional exclusivity and performance rights included*. 
*with the exception of "Sweet Dreams," for which rights must be paid. 

*Individual movements from this show, as well as any other individual movement from another show on our site, may be purchased by themselves or mixed and matched with others to make your show.


Click to request sample score for this show.

Click to request sample score for this show.



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