The Universe

Composed by: Rob Stein
Percussion by: Nathan Langford
Grade: 3-3.5 (out of 4)

*We can easily change the title, instrumentation or level of difficulty to fit your needs!

1. The Big Bang/Stars
Huge lush chords and incredible electronic samples immediately take the audience into the vastness of space, as all the matter in the universe expands in a fraction of a second. Over hundreds of millions of years, the gas particles of the universe gravitate towards each other, growing denser, hotter, until they ultimately explode in a brilliant burst of light to form stars. 

2. Bombardment
As countless particles of dust come together to form asteroids and the beginnings of planets, the period of heavy bombardment takes place. As smaller space rocks gravitate towards larger ones, thousands of asteroids slam into the early terrestrial planets, melting and fusing them together.

3. Planets
As the space dust settles and time passes, what were once millions of asteroids now fall into orbit around the sun as the planets of our solar system.

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*Individual movements from this show, as well as any other individual movement from another show on our site, may be purchased by themselves or mixed and matched with others to make your show.


Click to request sample score for this show.

Click to request sample score for this show.


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